a plumbing professional inspecting a sewer manhole in Springfield Illinois

Springfield Illinois: What You Can Expect from the Sewer Line Repair Process

Problems with your sewer line are never convenient. Thanks to new repair technology, however, you won’t have to wait as long to get your life and your property back to normal.

In the past, sewer line repair meant a huge mess of inconvenience for homeowners. They had to dig up all the ground covering the sewer line to get to the problem, so they could remove and replace it. This excavation method was time-consuming and turned the yard into a horrible muddy bog that couldn’t be enjoyed for a long time.

Today, sewer line repair is much easier to deal with, for everyone. New no-dig solutions have been developed, so your plumber won’t have to rely on radical excavations. Trenchless repair techniques let your plumber get to the sewer clogs quickly and fix the problem underground.

a picture of a Sewer manhole cover in Springfield IllinoisStep One: Inspection

Modern technology has made sewer line inspections very easy. Now, instead of digging up sections of your property to find the issue, a video camera is inserted in the pipe. The camera allows a repair professional to see what is happening inside the pipe. This method shows where the problem is and what exactly is going, whether the pipes are cracked, clogged, or need to be replaced.

Resin Injections

If there are only mild cracking on your pipe, a good way to fix it is with resin injections. Just a little digging is needed, to uncover the cracked sections. Then, the resin can be injected, so it covers the cracking. When it hardens, the cracks will be filled.

A sewer specialist stacking PVC pipes in Springfield IllinoisPipe Relining

This is a popular method of pipe repair. First, the pipe must be cleaned out thoroughly. High-pressure hydro jetting is often used to completely clean the inside of the pipes. Next, a new pipe made of tough resin is inserted, to line up against the leaking one. After the new pipe hardens, it will prevent the pipe from leaks. And its hard resin material will help keep tree roots from invading the new pipe.

Pipe Bursting

This is possibly the best of the trenchless methods for lining and repairing sewer lines. With this technique, no digging is needed to completely replace a sewer pipe. In this process, the damaged pipe is forcefully pushed away, so the new pipe can take its place. This is the perfect time to upgrade your pipes to PVC material, so your sewer system becomes more durable.

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