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Expert Plumbing Contractors in the Springfield Illinois Area

Eddington Plumbing Inc. provides the highest quality plumbing services to residents in the Springfield, IL area. In addition to superior service, we also utilize the best materials, ensuring your home is safe and functional long after we’ve left. Whether you need your faucet repaired, your toilet replaced, or a water heater installed, our technicians can handle any plumbing issue you present them. The work our specially trained techs perform will keep your home’s plumbing system durable, reliable, and efficient. No matter the size or type of plumbing solution your home or business needs, the experts at Eddington Plumbing will deliver!

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Plumbing Inspections

If at any time you feel there’s something wrong with your plumbing system, an Eddington Plumbing professional can perform a thorough inspection. Using modern camera technology, we can locate any problem and repair or replace it to give your home or business a clean bill of health!

Garbage Disposal Replacements

Garbage disposals can keep your kitchen free from leftover food debris and foul-smelling trash cans. If your disposal stops working as intended, give our contractors a call for a prompt inspection and repair. We don’t want you to miss out on any home-cooked meals, so let us get your kitchen running smoothly!

Faucet Repair or Replacements

A leaky faucet in your bathroom or kitchen can be an annoyance. However, if unchecked, it can grow to become a much more dangerous problem. Eddington Plumbing can repair or replace any faucet in your home or business before they get out of hand. Ask us about installing outdoor sinks as well!

Shower and Tub Repairs

Without a fully functional shower or bathtub, things can get really messy in your home. We can resolve any leak or clog and can even restore your water pressure. Our superior shower and tub repair service will get your bathroom functioning properly again!

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Toilet Repairs or Replacements

One of the largest causes of unnecessarily high water bills is your home or business’s toilet. Don’t postpone fixing a toilet that constantly runs or doesn’t flush properly. Contact our specialists for a free estimate and a quick fix!

Water Lines

Water is life, so not having it is life-changing. If you need a water line put in quickly, call us. Our technology adds a water line underground, without any trenching. This means, when we are finished, you won’t even be able to tell we’ve been there! No yard will be disturbed, and the line is bored under the freeze line so weather doesn’t affect our ability to bring you water when you need it most. For the no mess, no stress solution, give us a call at (217) 529-1000.

Water Main Breaks and Leaks

If you notice a spike in your water consumption or you constantly hear running water, you may have a leaky or broken water main. Eddington Plumbing’s licensed plumbers can locate the break and repair it before it becomes a larger burden on your utility bill.

Gas Piping

On top of our water pipe service, we offer comprehensive gas pipe services as well. Gas line problems can be a serious cause for concern.  Call Eddington Plumbing if you feel you have a gas leak. Our reliable staff will get your gas appliances back working and, more importantly, keep your home safe.

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Underground Water Leak Detection

A small leak in your plumbing’s underground water system may not seem like a major concern, but over time those leaks can turn into larger, more substantial cracks that cost thousands of dollars to repair. Our new water leak detection service allows homeowners to investigate the condition of their plumbing system, while identifying any current or potential damages before it’s too late.

Underground water leak detection saves your wallet and home from possible disasters that would have otherwise stayed undetected. Ensuring that your home has a reliable water source is our #1 priority, call us at (217) 529-1000 to schedule an appointment today!

Our Technicians are certified to provide the following residential and commercial plumbing services: