Sewer that is maintained and repaired by a plumbing company in Springfield, Illinois.

Why is Your Sewer Line Backing Up So Frequently

Our sewer lines are an important part of how our homes and businesses function. Sewer lines take the responsibility of taking wastewater away from your property so that you don’t have to. If this flow is jeopardized, you can experience issues such as backups that can negatively affect your daily life. If you are experiencing frequent backups, then you probably have more than just a common clog. It is best to contact the professionals at Eddington Plumbing, Inc. to inspect your sewer lines to detect the cause of the issue and provide the right services to resolve the issue. These are four common factors as to why your sewer line is backing up frequently. Call us at (217) 529-1000 to schedule sewer line services

Clogs Deep in Your Line

Clogs are common for any household. With food, hair, dirt, and more going down our drains daily, it is pretty common for clogs to develop in our pipes. Most households will grab store-bought drain cleaners and expect them to do the job. However, drain cleaners are toxic and can cause more problems than good. Along with being ineffective, drain cleaners just add more problems for you to deal with. The chemicals in drain cleaners can cause damage to your sewer line so it is highly recommended that you contact your local plumber for professional sewer line services when you are experiencing clogs in your sinks, showers, or tubs.

Tree Roots

Clogged sewer line causing a backup. Requires sewer line services from a plumbing company in Springfield, Illinois.

With sewer lines being in the ground, it is common for tree roots to grow around and eventually break through your pipes. Although water can flow around roots, the flow can still be slowed down resulting in a backup. If other substances are added like hair or dirt, tree roots can stop them in their tracks and create a clog. Professionals can detect roots that are causing troubles and resolve the issue before too much damage is done. That is why it is important to contact your local plumbers as soon as you notice a backup in your plumbing system.

There is Fat, Oil, and Grease in Your Plumbing

It is easy to pour grease, oil, and other foods down the drain. However, things like fat, oil, and grease should never be poured down the drain. When these substances cool down, they harden and create a blockage in your pipes. If you frequently put things like grease down your drain, then that might be the cause of your backup. The only way to remove these blockages is to hire an expert who has professional tools and knows the right techniques to handle issues like this without causing more damage.

Broken Lines

Broken sewer pipe which is causing a backup. Requires a sewer line repair service from a local plumber in Springfield, Illinois.

For older homes that still have cast iron, cement, or clay piping, if you are experiencing frequent backup then your old sewer lines may be the cause of that. Materials like cement, cast iron, and clay piping break down over time which can cause backup issues. If you know your sewer line is made of older materials, it is best to contact your local professionals to detect any broken lines and to install new a newer sewer line you can rely on. Having a broken line puts a stop to the flow of your sewer line and can cause major damage to your property. Don’t hesitate and contact the professionals at Eddington Plumbing, Inc. if you know that your piping is outdated.

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