Add Value to Your Home by Upgrading Plumbing Fixtures

exquisite bathroom springfield illinois

Plumbing fixtures might not seem like the first thing buyers look for when searching for their dream home in Springfield, Illinois, but in fact they can have a huge effect on the first impression that your bathroom makes on prospective buyers. Increase home value by carrying out the following upgrades to the plumbing fixtures in your Springfield home.

shower head spraying water springfield illinoisUpgrade to a Power Shower

Power showers offer a much better showering experience to every member of the household. Water pressure is one thing that many experienced home buyers check when looking around a property. If your home has poor water pressure, boost the value of your home by adding a power shower to your bathroom.

Install Elevated Toilets

Many older homes come with lower toilet seats; however, upgrading to an elevated toilet seat has many benefits that lower ones do not have. Most elevated toilets are at least three to four inches taller than the standard toilet which places less stress on your knees and helps with standing. By installing a raised toilet, you will be creating less distance between sitting and standing which will give users better stability. If your home has standard toilets, consider upgrading to elevated toilets to provide comfort and ease of access for anyone who uses them.

Invest in a Heated Towel Rack

A heated towel rack is one of the features that home buyers most like to see in a bathroom. Adding a heated towel rack is a relatively simple job for an experienced plumber, so why not get in touch with a local plumber today to find out how it could add value to your home?

modern faucet and sink springfield illinoisElegant Faucets

Faucets can function well for many years or even decades, but over time it is common for them to become chipped, scratched, or stained. If you can no longer polish your faucets to a perfect shine, perhaps it is time to replace them with a newer model. Take some time choosing faucets that match your overall bathroom design.

If you want to take any of these steps to add value to your home, contact your local plumber in Springfield, Illinois today to find out how much it will cost and what the potential benefits could be.

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